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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Thoughts from a Random Week

First of all, Marsha, I am sorry that I talked you into coming to boot camp with me. Sorry that your life is now hard because of it.

I know that Thanksgiving is this Thursday but I haven't even thought about it.

I am glad that we only have two workdays this week.

You know that if I haven't thought about Thanksgiving...then, I really haven't thought about Christmas.

I am going to be in trouble if I don't start thinking about both of them.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Good but Hard Week

I will attempt to muddle through my emotional week for you.
We returned from a beautiful weekend in the Texas Hill Country to the news that our old friend, Mikel Peterson, has passed away on Friday. He was 53 years old and had a sweet marriage and two grown children who just married within the last year and a half.
Ken and Jeanette came for the funeral and spent election night with us. We cheered the election of Barack Obama and we cried at the significance of the moment. My favorite moment from that night was after Obama's speech and they had waved to the crowd and their children were already backstage...Michelle stood and watched her husband for a moment while he took in the crowd. What was going through her head? That was a precious moment.
Funeral was Wednesday. Very hard.
Now I will attempt to explain the real difficulty of the week.
Are there really still people in this country who think that white people are superior to black people? Do we really think that it is okay to be prejudiced? Is that Christian? I am so tired of hearing the bellyaching that is coming from ignorance. I know that I live in Texas but Texas doesn't get to elect the president. The whole country does.
From the time that I was a very little girl...around 3 years old...I felt called to equality. I knew that people are all the same. We only have different hued skin. I am not really white but kind of tan. My African American friends are not black and some of them are also kind of tan.
All the negative racial stuff in the air is making me crazy. I am afraid that I might snap at someone if I hear anymore. I am tired of ignorance. I want a new era of understanding. A place of peace. A time for coming together.

Monday, November 03, 2008

In My Dreams

This song has been on my heart for a few months now and when you read the words you will know why. We always wish that our children will find someone to spend their lives with. Someone who will love them and take care of them and appreciate their gifts and try to ignore their faults. I believe that Corey has found that someone and I love her.

In My Dreams
by Debi Smith

In my dreams you're seventeen
and you have curly auburn hair
and when you hold me
your arms are sure
as your skin is young and fair
and when you kiss me
it thrills me
like a flash of lightning in the blue
and I know then
what I know now
how much I love you

But when I open up my eyes
and I see you in the dusk
there's silver in your hair
and your skin is not so lush
and I thank God for those brown eyes
and the times they've seen me through
because I know then
what I know now
how much I love you

In my dreams, son,
you're two years old
and I hold you on my lap
I feel your hair against my cheek
as your head nods off to nap
your finger curl around my hand
and you're breathing sweet and new
and I know then
what I know now
how much I love you

But when I open up my eyes
and see you sitting there
I can't hold you in my lap
or toss you in the air
and those tiny hands
are now a man's
and I hope at fifty two
some sweet woman will love you, dear,
like I love your dad and you
some sweet woman will love you, dear,
like I love your dad and you