Dance with me

Friday, September 04, 2009


There is a new little soul in this world and her name is Peyton. She is now just a little more than a day old and I want to pour words over her...words of love and encouragement.
Peyton, may you know in its purest that holds your heart and won't let it for something higher and greater than people but also love for people....the love of your family (that includes me), the love of friends...friends that hold fast and walk beside....who do not judge but guide...
I pray that you possess courage...courage to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves....courage to speak when words need to be spoken, words of truth.....courage to be yourself even when you know that others will disapprove...courage to be angry when you know that others will be surprised.
I also pray those graceful qualities of gentleness and peaceful over you...gentleness can soften even the harshest moment and a peaceful countenance will squelch many an argument.
May you walk in this world with your head held high and feet firmly planted in the love of your family and your hands reaching for God.
Can't wait to meet you.