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Monday, August 09, 2010

Transitions.... Too Many

I do know that some transitions just come as part of life but this summer I feel overwhelmed with them. ACU has a new president. Highland has a new preacher. Both of my daughters will be seniors this in high school and one in college. The Halsteads and the Gibsons just to Nashville and the other to Boston.
Can I just say that I am not one who usually fights change but right now I want to. I loved having Royce Money as the president of ACU. I loved having Mike Cope as the one who directed my spiritual thoughts every Sunday morning. I love having my children close by. And I loved having the Halsteads and the Gibsons as close friends....close in heart but also close in distance.
I am not saying that our new president or our new preacher will not be amazing...I am counting on that. I am not saying that I don't want my children to grow up....I do and I am oh so proud of them. And I am not saying that the Halsteads and the Gibsons should have stayed in Abilene...they are beginning a new part of their journeys and I am thrilled for them.
I am saying that I feel a little as if the rug has been pulled out from under me and I have to again decide who I am and where I stand and adjust to new career leadership and new spiritual leadership....adjust how I parent.....adjust who I hang out with. I am not saying that is bad but sometimes introspection mades me see things about myself that are not pretty and that is not comfortable.
I have been grouchy all weekend....for lots of reasons....these included. I think that I am in for a bumpy ride these next few months....the outcome is usually good but the ride itself can be ugly.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Miss Snow

Let me admit right up front....I am homesick. I am feeling like I am missing out...on the snow, the sense of community while digging out, the snowmen, the sledding, the hot chocolate, the shoveling, the blizzardy snow, the shimmering snow in the sunlight, the busy and crazy grocery store, the treacherous drive to that busy grocery store. I am missing my friends who are in the snow right now. I want to walk down the street and talk to Maureen and invite her over for cocoa and biscuits. I want to put candles in the snow to line my driveway with light. I want to drive to Ann's and sit by the fire and talk for hours while our kids play in the snow and possibly sit in the hot tub while the snow falls. I want to throw a snowball. I want to be stuck at home for several days and make warm food for my family. I would even enjoy getting stuck at work in labor and delivery and sleep in the hospital to work again the next day....and possibly play dodgeball in the hall while waiting for patients to show up.
I need to visit but I can't decide when it is the best season to visit. I miss the lush summer, the softly green spring with the pastel blossoms, the colorful and crisp fall and the snow. I miss the snow.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Recent Family Shots

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Few Puzzling Days

Okay, the hair experiment has been a failure. Well, not really a failure...maybe a success but I am not very talented at modifying my behavior. I could tell that by the end of the week it was working....and by Sunday again I had great hair. But I have not been feeling well and so, every morning I want to wash my hair because it just makes me feel better all day. But I can tell now that my hair is drier from washing it so, can I break the habit of washing my hair every day?
Weather today was crazy. Dark and pouring down rain....flooding. Michelle, the NP in our office, and I had to go to lunch on the other side of campus. A fancy lunch and the water was running all over and coming up to about midcalf. We went a roundabout way to my car trying to avoid the water but our shoes filled with water. I was carrying my cowboy/wagon train/Indian umbrella and trying to shield us from the wind. Michelle gave commentary just like Man Vs. Wild and we laughed and splashed our way there and back. We took our shoes off under the fancy table and listened politely. Crazy. We might get more crazy weather tonight. Maybe a delayed opening....yay!
I have lately been wanting to step inside other people's heads and know what they are thinking. Random people and people that I know. The little old lady who works in the Bean. The girls who wear Ugg boots and short shorts at the same time. The sweet student who always holds the door for everyone as they walk into chapel.
Just wondering.
I also wonder what is going through people's heads when they think that it is okay to be nasty when it comes to politics. They wouldn't dream of talking like that about anything else but politics somehow makes it okay.
Don't understand.
Okay, doing well on the sugar fast. No sugar since Monday. Not doing as well with the water part.
And Joy.....yes, sometimes I feel it being sucked away but because I am aware, I am hanging onto it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hair Experiment Update

Well, here is how the week has gone as far as my hair goes. Monday-washed hair as usual. Tuesday-didn't wash but had to use blowdryer so that I didn't look crazy all day. Hair felt really dirty about midafternoon and put it in a ponytail...not so bad like that. Worked out that night and by Wednesday morning my hair was disgusting. Wednesday-felt amazing to wash my hair but all day my hair was a little frizzy. Thursday-washed out bangs because they looked terrible but all in all still saved me time. Friday-washed hair as normal and again it was pretty disgusting by then. Had a great hair day. Saturday (today)- just rinsed hair in shower and put conditioner on the ends. Doesn't look too bad at the moment. We will see how it holds up as the day wears on.
And yes, Ann, today I thought it might be a good idea, if my hair was crazy, to wear my baseball hat. Might have to resort to that later.
And John, you can always come up with a great matter what. I can always count on you for that.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another New Thing for the New Year

Okay, one more thing that I am experimenting with this new year. I need suggestions and helpful hints for this process.
Everyday since I was in intermediate school (middle school, junior high, whatever you call it) I have showered and washed my hair every morning...yes, there have been exceptions...Saturdays when I felt like being a slob and when I have to get up too early to even think about a shower. Everyday I have washed my hair and did the whole blowdry thing. I have finally found a way to do that that actually works....I was never very good at it. I have now decided to try to not wash my hair as often. My hair is very fine and seems like it is dirty way too fast but I want to conserve water and money and energy and, starting this week I am only washing my hair every other day. So, if you see me and you think that something doesn't look right....that is probably the reason.
So, any ideas to make this easier or any helpful hints from your own experience. And all you guys out there with your perfectly bald heads....I don't want to hear from you. I am jealous of the ease of your bald head and I don't think that you get to give any input into this discussion.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Improvements for the New Year

I have been thinking about all the normal things that people commit to at the beginning of a new year and I already told you about the joy thing and yes, I will probably be writing about that all year but I am thinking about physical things right now.
Today Abundant Life had their health screening at ACU. It is a wellness program for ACU employees. My bloodwork was excellent but there are other areas that need fixing. I am just never sure how to go about all that....I know, I less, exercise more. Too general for me. I need more guidance than that but....too much guidance and I will fail...too many rules. So how do you approach it?
I have made some choices that will grow as the year progresses.
Drink more water.
Starting January 25th I will do a sugar fast until Lucy's birthday.
I am going to sleep more...typing fast so I can go to bed on time.
I am adding one workout to my week.

Last year without dietary changes I lost 12 pounds....just working out and being more conscious of food.
But.....this year I turn 50 in October...I am toying with idea of a 50 lb. weight loss by the time I turn 50. Again, I don't want to scare myself out of progress.

Do you have any physical goals that you want to achieve this year? And do you think that my idea is crazy?