Dance with me

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Not a Good Week

Can we start this week over?
Our old kitty, Mystic, died this week. We knew she was going downhill fast and I was home sick on Wednesday and looked out to check on the cats and realized that Mystic was bleeding. Called Tim and then Mary Kate and Lucy. By the time that we got her to the vet she had died. So sad. She was cantankerous but loved. She provided us with entertainment over the years.
Next, I just couldn't get well and suddenly realized that I felt the way I did when I had pneumonia and yes, I do have pneumonia. Pray that I recover quickly.
Then, last night our fish, Buddy, died. Lucy had just changed his water yesterday and he always seems traumatized by that but I looked in the bowl before I went to bed and he was lying on the bottom and upside down. We were sad. He was a very energetic fish and we liked watching him and sometimes we even talked to him.
So, don't ask us to petsit for you in the near future.