Dance with me

Friday, September 21, 2007

Long Week

The week started out with cleaning. Our house had become such a mess and we had needed to clean for awhile. We had company coming and so we cleaned madly all day on Saturday.
Saturday night Ken, Jeanette, Stacie and Darek arrived. I never feel like I have enough time with them. I think that our two families need to go someplace for a week and just weddings, no funerals, no graduations....just be together. Sunday morning Tim and I both were singing on the praise team...two services, so we had to be there early. I am glad that I was singing for many reasons...just the singing part-I love to sing, hearing Mike's sermon twice-seemed different the second time, being able to see Landon's eye's as he read the scripture before Mike's sermon.
Sunday afternoon we went by the Goodnews Northeast reunion to see some of Ken and Jeanette's friends who are also dear to us. Fun to see them all. Fun to pick out people that we knew in their old pictures from the summer of 1976. Gary Cox was in one picture. So fun to see him as a highschooler...looks just like John.
Heard about Ann's broken leg late that afternoon...I was feeling so far away and I am still so sad that we haven't even had a chance to talk. I have been thinking about her everyday and my leg is starting to hurt just from thinking about her. Ann, call me when you are feeling more alert. I am afraid to call because I don't want to wake you up.
Sunday brought new guests and we lost a few...well, we didn't really lose them but they went home. Jeanette, Stacie and Darek went home and we gained Frank and Bart. I always associate Frank with weddings and Bart is my old friend from college. I loved having them stay with us.
Monday's highlight was Landon Saunders speaking at ACU. Wow! and wow! I wept through his message...from the second sentence. I want to hear it again. I wanted to run up and high five him when he was done.
Tuesday brought my 3rd boot camp class and another lecture...not bad but not as good as Landon but I would've hated to have been the one to speak after Landon.
Wednesday brought good news. Ranee and Lee got the call that there was a baby waiting for them. I met her today and she is so beautiful. Ranee and Lee are so in love and it is so wonderful to see them beaming like that.
Thursday brought another boot is getting easier...yay!
Today was the Anti-war protest at ACU. I wanted to participate but couldn't leave work. The pictures are amazing and I am so proud of those students. I wore my peace sign earrings today to support them.
I am glad that it is many people out from work and we were busy...I am tired.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing

When Drew was two years old he would sing this song with me. I can't hear this song without thinking about him. I love that boy...well, I guess I should say man now. Sweet memories.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Boot Camp- Day Two

Last night was our second class. I was so afraid that I wouldn't be able to do anything at all. My body was still so sore that I couldn't even walk normally. Going down steps was next to impossible and just the simple task of getting in and out of a chair was excrutiating.
But...once I got going those muscles loosened up and I had a great time. The boot camp part was still tough and I couldn't do all the pull up or push ups but that will get better with is more than I would've if didn't take the class. Able to run a little and speedwalking was easier than I thought.
I love the last parts of the Thursday class..Tai Chi, pilates and yoga. So cool to be outside beside those amazing angels of Jacob's Dream and feel the breeze...just so cool.
Can't wait to see some results from all this hard work. We will see if I can do stairs or sit in chairs today...sore again.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boot Camp

Tonight was my first exercise class. I haven't taken an exercise class for years. I have walked and I have run but I haven't taken a class.
I didn't know much about this class before I got there. I only knew that I needed to bring an exercise ball and that there would be firming exercises and cardio exercises. The instructor started and immediately used the words Boot Camp. I don't even remember the names for some of the things that we did. We did run, speed walk, weird pullups, pushups, rocking(don't know how to describe this part), and we lunged our way down what seemed like a very long sidewalk. After all of this cardio work we moved to the giant balls. I think that my ball was too big or my legs were too short. When we moved to our stomachs on the balls, I felt stuck on top of the ball and had a very hard time doing the correct exercise because I couldn't touch the ground. I didn't know this group of people, so, I was afraid to laugh.
The weather was perfect. Breezy and cool.
I think that I will continue to take this class. I need it and I need to be pushed. I am already sore and know that will probably only get worse as the week goes on and we have class again on Thursday night.
Want to join me? I could use some more comrades in misery...and later in amazing fitness.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Have You Ever by Brandi Carlile

I have been listening to Brandi Carlile in my car for a week now. I am loving her....her voice, her words, her swirling notes...loving it. Grab something of hers and listen to, too, will love her.

Have You Ever

Have you ever wandered lonely through the woods?
And everything there feels just as it should
You're part of the life there
You're part of something good
If you've ever wandered lonely through the woods
if you've ever wandered lonely through the woods

Have you ever stared into a starry sky?
Lying on your back you're asking why
What's the purpose I wonder who am I
If you've ever stared into a starry sky
Have you ever stared into a starry sky

Have you ever been out walking in the snow?
Tried to get back to where you were before
You always end up not knowing where to go
If you've ever been out walking in the snow
If you'd ever been out walking you would know

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Let's Wed in Idaho

This is the song that Ken, my brother-in-law, sang at Lera and A.J.'s reception. So fun. Thought you might enjoy. More fun in person but still so good.