Dance with me

Saturday, June 28, 2008

more of a list

A few weeks ago I listed things that I had done and today I will do the same...this is since the last list.

I did paint the living room and dining room...they look good.
cleaned the whole house
framed some pictures
boot camp
bought a new dress
added more boot camp and yoga classes to my week
worked Passport at ACU
interviewed an old friend for our open doctor's position
sang on the Praise Team
mourned the loss of a friend's dog
talked with Corey about wedding plans several times
threw a wedding shower at my house
attended a rehearsal and a rehearsal dinner
tonight is the wedding

still processing my dad's death.

Friday, June 13, 2008


Today my dad died. Don't know where that puts me...still processing.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Bike Came!!

Mary Kate's birthday present from We waited for weeks because they didn't have it in stock. Isn't it cute? Now all she needs is a basket to carry her stuff in it.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Did You Think I Was Gone Forever?

I have been uninspired to blog.
I have done many things since May 17th and my last post:
hosted small group a few times
went to a lingerie shower
lost a cat for a few days....well, not really lost, just in hiding
prepared for a site visit from the State of Texas
heard my boss tell me that he was resigning
possibility of an old friend being my new boss
bought paint to paint living room and dining room
bought other supplies to paint
have not painted yet
rode to San Antonio with Drew W., Kim and Mary Kate
spent a Friday night and Saturday with Kim, Steve, Elizabeth and Cookie
attended Audrey's wedding
sang on the Praise team
cooked a few meals....not too many but a few
cleaned house a few times
bought new shoes
attended a party for my boot camp instructors
found an old friend and caught up on her life
vented to a safe friend
blessed some amazing 6th grade girls as they move on to be 7th graders