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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Few Puzzling Days

Okay, the hair experiment has been a failure. Well, not really a failure...maybe a success but I am not very talented at modifying my behavior. I could tell that by the end of the week it was working....and by Sunday again I had great hair. But I have not been feeling well and so, every morning I want to wash my hair because it just makes me feel better all day. But I can tell now that my hair is drier from washing it so, can I break the habit of washing my hair every day?
Weather today was crazy. Dark and pouring down rain....flooding. Michelle, the NP in our office, and I had to go to lunch on the other side of campus. A fancy lunch and the water was running all over and coming up to about midcalf. We went a roundabout way to my car trying to avoid the water but our shoes filled with water. I was carrying my cowboy/wagon train/Indian umbrella and trying to shield us from the wind. Michelle gave commentary just like Man Vs. Wild and we laughed and splashed our way there and back. We took our shoes off under the fancy table and listened politely. Crazy. We might get more crazy weather tonight. Maybe a delayed opening....yay!
I have lately been wanting to step inside other people's heads and know what they are thinking. Random people and people that I know. The little old lady who works in the Bean. The girls who wear Ugg boots and short shorts at the same time. The sweet student who always holds the door for everyone as they walk into chapel.
Just wondering.
I also wonder what is going through people's heads when they think that it is okay to be nasty when it comes to politics. They wouldn't dream of talking like that about anything else but politics somehow makes it okay.
Don't understand.
Okay, doing well on the sugar fast. No sugar since Monday. Not doing as well with the water part.
And Joy.....yes, sometimes I feel it being sucked away but because I am aware, I am hanging onto it.


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